Why Connect to the AFPA?

To get the most of your Amherst Football experience it is imperative that you get connected and stay connected by getting involved. We utilize the TeamSnap application on your smart phone to communicate with the AFPA families. The app contains an up to date team roster including player photo, position and number. Within each players bio is the players mom, dad or grandparent contact information. This allows you to communicate with them outside of the app as well. 

There are organized communications managed by the captains parents including the weekly sign up request for post game drinks and snacks for the team, tailgate location updates, parking locations and more. In addition, parents use the app to announce available room reservations, organize a car pool or pickup from the airport,  let everyone know what they are bringing to the tailgate and more. 

How to Connect to AFPA?

Upon the completion of the roster in mid-spring, you will receive an invite via email from the AFPA. The email address used is what you provided to the college when enrolling your son. Once in receipt of the invite you will need to register with TeamSnap and install the app on your smart phone. It is that simple! 

If you are a returning parent and are already registered with TeamSnap, you will not have to do anything further. Updates are made based on the roster supplied by our coach. 

TeamSnap is reserved for the parents and/or caretakers of our football players. If you would like to request another user be added or did receive your invite in the mid-spring, please do so by completing the form below. The addition of those users is at the discretion of the AFPA. 

New TeamSnap User Request